Do you feel energetically blocked in different areas of your physical body and auric field? Are you going through aches, pains and discomfort from what is known as “Ascension Symptoms? Are you looking to connect more clearly with and accept guidance from your guides, angels, and higher selves?

In this coaching session I will help you dial into what is going wrong in your energy field, by helping you identify why you are experiencing any block or physical issue and then help you solve it.

vortex2 In this Ascending Age of Aquarius there are new types of energies and higher dimensional rays of light hitting the earth of which can trigger developments in us humans walking around down here on the surface. This includes the Ascension Symptoms including but not limited to: pressure in the head, stinging sensations, itching sensations, headaches, twitchy nerves, double vision, blurry vision, dulled hearing, sharp sounds, pinging and tones in the ears, skin rashes, skin inflammation or puffiness and negative emotional triggering such as confusion, feeling lost, lonelyness, depression, anger or rage

All of these symptoms are legitimate to feel and come to the surface as part of the awakening process because before any of us can become more aligned with our higher development, these lower energetic symptoms have to be cleared because they cannot exist in a higher energetic vibration. Having these issues will not block you from higher guidance but having them clear will greatly improve your power to attach back to and communicate with your Higher Self, Angelic and ET Family

In this one-on-one coaching session I may help you:

-Clear your energy entirely7839621

-Clear past life karma

-Build self-love abundance

-Strengthen your connection to Source

-Understand what your own energy feels like

-Understand the boundaries of your energy field

-Avoid absorbing negative energy from others

-Identify how to know when you’re being triggered

-Clear, prevent and heal emotional triggers

-Identify and remove draining energy hooks

-Understand how to call, work with and interact with higher dimensional beings

-Ground your energy and stay grounded


For a Donation of an equal energy exchange (valued to you)

Jerrel is truly a mentor, helping me to awaken any dissatisfaction over any blocks I may have had. His mentor ship has been awe inspiring and so truly helpful. I suggest and recommend anyone practice with Jerrel should you wish to proceed further along your own spiritual journey.

-Nicole G.


Jerrel, thank you so much for doing this.  This resonated deeply, not only because it confirmed some things I had already suspected, but because it opened my mind to some possibilities that I hadn’t considered before.  Thank you again for this loving, healing gift!




Jerrel is a clear and compassionate communicator. He takes the time to achieve an objective understanding of his client’s issues and situation, in order to give the guidance and healing that is most suitable for you. I felt that Jerrel was responding directly to my situation and giving me guidance tailored specifically to my needs. This is not just a “one size fits all” approach to healing. Jerrel is also extremely honest and will not tell you he can “see” things he does not see. I trust Jerrel’s views and opinions, and would be happy to consult with him again.





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