We all have spirit guides. They are with us right now. However it can be a challenge to speak with them and hear what they have to say. And it can be even more of a challenge to understand what their energy is like and get a clear visual of what they look like.

All Spirit Guides have transcended life over death. This means that they have transcended their animal nature and have evolved themselves into an illuminated human. Each time this is achieved by any mortal into the realms of immortality the strengths of their chosen animal or “animal totem” is characterized into the being of the soul.

This means that your main Spirit Guide has a Power Animal Form that they utilize to help maintain their cosmically conscious illuminated immortal energy body form.

Some Spirit Guides have always been an Extraterrestrial type DNA that of a bird, lion, ape, lizard, mantis, dog, etc. in a humanoid form. However the same principle still applies.

Every Spirit Guide is a highly evolved being and has transcended their lower 2nd dimensional animal nature by integrating the strengths of that into the Divine Capacity of being human.

Spirit Guide Power Totem

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I have a formula that I use collaborated from Numerology, Astrology, Psychology and my own Dimensional Relativity to seek out and identify your Power Spirit Form. When you give me your First and Last name I will be able to track your soul’s DNA archetype and identify your Spirit Guide’s Power Animal form for you.

You will get a photo of a full color pencil drawn sketch of your Spirit Guide either in full Power Animal form or in Humanoid Extraterrestrial form. You will also get a full interpretation through text describing their energy, their strengths, their qualities and their ability sets.

For an equal energy exchange of only $65

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Note: After your donation please allow 48-72 hours for your portrait and reading to be sketched and written out. Thank you for your patience and support :)