Crystal Healing: Orgonite

The functions and modalities for the usage and healing of crystals themselves are endless. Crystals can be used for healing, meditation, learning, computer technology, energy technology, etc. Crystals are tools for the “new age” of humanity on Earth as she continues to evolve. The levels of consciousness each crystal holds is immense as well as […]

Astral Projection: A Guide (Part 2)

Astral projection is an artform as much as it is a skillset. There are different aspects of projecting your consciousness that makes it not only scientific but a very useful to in advancing your being spiritually. Astral projection is one of the most sought-over and less-understood modalities of consciousness presently. It can be used for […]

Number Synchronicity: Part 2

The Universe is alive. In fact, it’s running on time like a giant clock. In massive synchronicity as the planets cycle around the sun and the sun around the center of the galaxy and the galaxies around each other and all galaxies revolving around the center of the Universe. And it is scientifically proven that […]