Amethyst Tumbled Stone Bracelet


This stone bracelet is made of amethyst tumbled stone which is the stone of healing. Wearing natural amethyst is good for healing pains and exploring the spirit and mind. Amethyst are excellent for balancing the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. They are connected to the spirit realms and bring calming, peaceful and protecting energy.

Amethysts are also powerful meditation crystals.  These beautiful crystals are said to have the ability to cleanse the soul, releasing depression, sorrow and harmonizing the mind for an enhanced meditative state. Also known as the “all healer,” amethysts have an amazing ability to heal, and soothes the soul from negative earth energies.

This natural amethyst bracelet is elastic. The size of the amethyst tumbled stone is approx. 3/4″ and they are grade A stone.  This tumbled stone bracelet fits for size 7-10.


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