Blue Lapis Tumbled Polished Natural Stone


Lapis Lazuli’s deep vibrant blue is the universal symbol of wisdom and universal truth. This stone vibrates to the frequency of the third eye and can unlock your spiritual vision. Lapis Lazuli has been used for thousands of years for intuitive cognition and allows you to open your inner channels to connect with your spirit guides and/or angels.

Also known as the stone of truth, the lapis lazuli aids in revealing one’s true personality, and sparks the freedom to express one’s thoughts clearly and convincingly. The lapis lazuli also enhances public relationships, and is known as the stone of friendship for its ability to improve deep communication.

The lapis lazuli — as the crystal of truth — is highly beneficial in emotional healing. As the “crystal of truth,” the lapis lazuli helps reveal inner truth and promotes self-acceptance. The blue lapis also enhances the freedom of self-expression, social communication skills, clear perspective, and honesty.

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