Fluorite Tumbled Polished Natural Stone


Fluorite tumbled stone is widely used for meditation and cleansing. Fluorite natural stones are highly valued for their wide range of beautiful colors – colors include yellow, blue, violet and green – and their ability to energize and stabilize spiritual energy.

Fluorite tumbled natural stones are also known as “genius stones” , and are known to increase mental strength and intellectual concentration. Fluorite stones are also used in meditation and are able to energize the body and rid of unhealthy toxins.

Fluorite is highly valued for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations, and even help strengthen health. Fluorite is able to strengthen the respiratory system, muscles, and bones. Fluorite is also able to stimulate cell regeneration, and consequently aid in relieving arthritic symptoms and fortifying bones and joints.

Fluorite tumbled stone is highly compatible with other stones, and makes one more receptive to vibrations of other stones.

The fluroite polished natural stone is grade A and is big size (thick). Each gemstone is approx. 1″.

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