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Polished Gemstone Chakra Set


Charge all 7 of your Chakras with our Chakra Gemstone set. Working with each chakra can clear blockages stopping you from manifesting what you want. Each gemstone attributes to each chakra’s primary energy. These gemstones can be used for healing, meditation, programming, and energy work. In this chakra set you will get:

1 Red Jasper Stone (Root Chakra) – Recognized as the stone of fairness and justice, red jasper is believed to be able of decreasing injustice and helping one in unfair situations.  It has a stabilizing effect and helps one to achieve his/her inner balance in life.

1 Goldstone (Sacral Chakra) – As an energy stone, goldstone is able to help one achieve one’s aspirations, stabilize one’s emotions, and generate energy. Goldstone also contains the metaphysical properties of copper: the objects are able to strengthen the circulatory system, strengthen bones, and reduce arthritic symptoms.

1 Citrine Polished Gemstone (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Citrine is a stone of manifestation and willpower. It is used to increase self-esteem, for protection from negative energy, to help clear the mind and to help with digestion to the endocrine and digestive system.

1 Green Aventurine Gemstone (Heart Chakra) – Green Aventurine will help in relationships both romantic and platonic. It will help relieve anxiety and aid in creating prosperity. This stone also has an anti-inflammatory effect and will also help prevent skin irritation and allergic symptoms.

1 Sodalite Gemstone (Throat Chakra) – Sodalite is an excellent aid in communication if you need help conveying yourself in a particular situation. It’s energy is helpful in aiding psychic abilities and intuition. Good for teachers, writers, students, and professionals.

1 Lapis Lazuli Gemstone (Third Eye Chakra) – This stone can help unlock your spiritual vision. Lapis Lazuli has been used for thousands of years for intuitive cognition and allows you to open your inner channels to connect with your spirit guides and/or angels.

1 Amethyst Gemstone (Crown Chakra) – These beautiful stones are said to have the ability to cleanse the soul, releasing depression, sorrow and harmonizing the mind for an enhanced meditative state. Also known as the “all healer,” amethysts have an amazing ability to heal, and soothes the soul from negative earth energies.


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