Purple Agate Tumbled Polished Natural Stone


This beautiful purple agate polished natural stone has deep purple, black, and grey stripes running alongside its polished surface.  Purple agates are the highly valued for their meditative purposes and strength in spiritual transformation. Purple agates strengthen trust in one’s own intuition and clears the mind from chaotic thoughts.

Also known as earth rainbow, agates come in a wide range of colors, and have been used as healing amulets. As powerful protection stones, agates are able to harmonize yin and yang, and strengthen the connection between the body and the earth. As healing amulets, agates are able to stabilize fluctuating emotions and cleanse the body of negative energies. Agates are also able to stimulate analytical abilities, strengthen perception, increase sight, and promote fidelity.

The purple agate tumbled stone is grade A and big size (thick). Each gemstone is approx. 1″.

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