Rose Quartz Sphere


This mesmerizing soft pink rose quartz ball is seated delicately on top of a wooden stand. Rose Quartz is one of the most desirable of all quartz and is highly valued for the harmonious soft vibes it radiates; rose quartz is a powerful love energizer and is associated with love, romance, and relationships.  The rose quartz sphere’s semi-translucent pink color and beautiful swirls makes it an excellent ornament for your home or office.

Rose Quartz Application and Symbolism in Feng Shui

Also known as “love stone”, rose quartz are highly treasured for their soft harmonious vibes, and their use as a powerful love energizer. This rose quartz is a lovely gift because it is a strong symbol of love, and provides calm, delicate inspiration for its owner. The rose quartz is known to speed up processes of finding love, mend emotional wounds, strengthen relationships, and help with comprehension of love.

The rose quartz’s delicate vibes make it a popular tool for emotional healing in meditation as well. The rose quartz emanates softness, and helps harmonize the body from emotional imbalances. This beautiful quartz helps lead its owner to tenderness and kindness, eases mood swings, and even increases self-expression and creativity. The tranquil rose quartz not only aids in one’s relationships with others, but also strengthens one’s self-love and confidence.

Not only a powerful symbol of love, the rose quartz is also valued for its ability to cleanse the body from unhealthy toxins, and has a strong role in strengthening the circulatory system. Rose quartz helps strengthen the kidney and spleen, and has a positive role in battling stress-related illnesses and mood swings.

approx. 12 oz to 14oz with stand weight

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