Zebra Jasper Tumbled Polished Natural Stone


Zebra jasper stone is a beautiful form of jasper with dark and white patterns; the stone’s contrasting colors mirror its properties as a grounding stone and abilities to harmonize the energies of balance.

Possessing powerful spiritual properties, zebra jasper tumbled polished natural stone holds the energies of balance, and is able to drive away unhealthy energy from the body. The energies of balance – yin and yang — help maintain the harmony in our bodies and the universe. As a powerful grounding stone, zebra jasper allows one to find one’s true nature and connect to mother earth. Zebra jasper is the stone of energy and love, and allows one to increase self-motivation, courage, and determination.

Zebra jasper also holds many physical powers. Zebra Jasper is used in crystal healing and meditation for increasing energy, endurance, bone, teeth, gum, muscle, blood, heart, and lymphatic system strength.

The tumbled polished natural stone is grade A and big size (thick). Each gemstone is approx. 1″.

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